Big Brown Getdown (2007)

Ali Jackson Quartet

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about the album

To the average mind, brown as a color, shows its temperament in forms usually related to earth in some way: soil, wood, and food items. Brown as substance may bring forth solid structures such as furniture or landscapes, as well as flavor and hue to edibles. However, in this album, “brown” refers to its street definition. That is to say, “brown” is the ephemeral essence that makes a thing what it is, its character and unique personality.

This album, “Big Brown Get Down,” is dedicated to the true artistry and spontaneity of the art form we call jazz music. This music was born out of a multitude of cultural expressions, grounded in substance and often elevated to the sublime. Jazz music is a gathering of the vibration and feeling of African and indigenous peoples of the world.

The songs of this album are comprised of many jazz standards. The selections are not rehearsed and are pure unadulterated artistic expressions. The artists listen, react, adjust, and connect in the democratic process of jazz music. The musicians on this recording arguably represent some of the best jazz musicians in the world. We hope you will experience the energy and feeling of this compliation, recorded live at Fat Cat in New York City.

Track Listing

Green Chimneys[] Giant Steps[] Big Push[] What Is This Thing Called Love[] What Is This Thing Called Love (Interlude)[] Lover[]


Ali Jackson-drums; Piano-piano; Bass-bass; Saxophone-saxophone;

Recorded August 29-30, 2003 at Fat Cat, NYC.

Produced by Bigwenzee Music.
Mastered by Airshow Mastering.